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Article: Cell salt protocols for common skin complaints like pimples, dandruff, and eczema

Cell salt protocols for common skin complaints like pimples, dandruff, and eczema

Cell salt protocols for common skin complaints like pimples, dandruff, and eczema

Cell salts are commonly used in homeopathic medicine for a variety of skin complaints. From dandruff, athletes foot, pimples, acne, to eczema; there is probably a cell salt that can be safely tried.

Important points for using cell salts for skin

  • Less is more when using cell salts for skin. As the outermost organ of our body, the skin can be reactive in general and especially if there is a long use of steroid and cortisone creams and pills. In these cases, it is best to consult with a homeopathic practitioner. With simpler complaints, still start on the lowest frequency of once a day or every other day and if you don't notice anything after a week, you can increase.
  • Take one cell salt at a time. It is best to keep it simple so you can assess the results and be clear about what's helping or not. This is even more important, if your skin or body tends to be sensitive.
  • It can take time to fully see results. It takes time for your skin to regenerate. If you notice less new eruptions, less irritation and redness, itching, more sloughing of dead skin, these are all good signs.
  • Try not to pick or itch your skin. This all increases irritation and redness; and interferes with your body's healing response.
  • Increase water consumption especially in warmer weather. 2.5-3 L per day is ideal.
  • Consult with a health practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Cell salts are not a substitute for medical care, they are intended to be a safe complement to your natural health routine.

Cell salt protocols for skin complaints by type

  • Pustular eruptions like pimples, acne, boils, cysts, etc.
    Take at the first sign of an eruption or if you know the timing of when they appear (e.g. before each menstrual cycle), start taking before then. Repeat every 4-8 hours during the height of symptoms. Reduce frequency on improvement (1-2 times daily) and stop taking if mostly resolved. Do this for every time.
  • Scaling, itching skin like in eczema, dandruff, etc.
    Take once daily to start. Increase to 2-3 times per day during times of more inflammation and itchiness. Reduce frequency on improvement.
  • MAINTENANCE DOSE : 1 - 2 times per day for 5 days, 2 days off (e.g take Mon-Fri, take Sat-Sun off).

Every person and constitution is different and you should always consult with your health care practitioner about your health complaints and when starting a new regimen. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.

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