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Article: FAQ: Can I take more than one cell salt at a time?

FAQ: Can I take more than one cell salt at a time?

Short answer: The ideal would be to take one cell salt at a time but it is safe to combine and take multiple.

Long answer: We recommend one at a time so it’s easier for you to assess its results and so you can be more sure of what is helping and what is not. Start with one cell salt that matches your main complaint. Take it for 1-2 weeks and assess how it’s going before adding another cell salt.

This is an essential pillar of classical homeopathic philosophy that is unique from most other natural health modalities: More is not better. One well selected remedy is better than many half selected ones. Jackson’s Cell Salts are in a 6x potency which is very gentle strength to use at home and to combine with.

Good general starting protocol with 1 cell salt:

Day 1-5 : Take 1-3 times per day.
Day 6-7 : Rest days (no cell salts).
Example: Take 1 cell salt three times per day on Monday to Friday, take rest days on the weekend.

Now of course situations can come up and you may not have time to just take one at a time, there are complementary sequences of cell salts, good combinations to try, and advice from your health practitioner about dosing. This is all good to do too! We are passionate about helping you incorporate cell salts and common homeopathic remedies in your everyday health so you can see for yourself just how well it can work. Find what works for you.

For those who really want to start 2 cell salts instead of one. Here are two protocols to consider trying:

Cell Salt Protocol A:

Day 1-5 : Cell Salt 1 3 times per day
Day 6-7 : Rest day (no cell salts)
Day 8-13 : Cell Salt 2 3 times per day
Day 14-15 : Rest day

Cell Salt Protocol B:

Day 1 Cell Salt 1: 3 times per day
Day 2 Cell Salt 2: 3 times per day
Repeat, take a couple days off here and there.

An important point on dosing of homeopathic remedies like cell salts that is different from the usual way of taking health products is to always reduce the frequency of dosage when you notice improvement and stop taking when things have significantly improved or resolved.

For example, you start taking a cell salt and after a week your symptoms improve by 30%, for the following week you would take it only 2 times per day, when 60-70% improved 1 time per day.

Cell Salt Booster

The other way to take cell salts is to take as a booster to help your body better absorb nutrients from your general diet, supplements, and vitamins. For example, consider taking Magnesium phosphate 15-30 minutes before or after taking Magnesium, Calcium phosphate 15-30 minutes before or after taking Calcium, and Ferrum phosphate 15-30 minutes before or after taking Iron.


Every person and constitution is different and you should always consult with your health care practitioner about your health complaints or when starting a new regime. This is for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice.

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