Miranda Castro's Topical Homeopathic for Joints & Muscles

Miranda Castro's Topical Homeopathic for Joints & Muscles

Miranda Castro

  • $32.99

*Coming early Fall 2018*

Miranda Castro's Healing Creams Topical Homeopathic for Joints and Muscles is a homeopathic preparation for the relief of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Relieve muscle and/or joint pains with this luxuriously smooth, easily absorbed cream that contains only the gentlest of non-toxic ingredients.

Going way beyond any simple arnica cream, Miranda Castro's Healing Cream for Muscles and Joints is a clean, paraben-free cream. It is enhanced with the finest  homeopathic remedies that cleverly target muscle or joint pains caused by inflammation or injury.

This cream isn't at all sticky or greasy. It is smooth, light and easily absorbed and it has a lovely, gentle smell. The clever vacuum pump keeps the contents fresh for years, and it is transparent so you can always see how much you have left.

Miranda developed the Joints and Muscles Cream partly in response to clients’ requests, and also because there was (and still is) nothing available that contains ingredients to heal the wide range of tissues that are affected from joint injury or inflammation. Miranda also needed a cream that would not counteract patients' constitutional homeopathic treatments.

This cream is brilliantly soothing and healing for sore, stiff or swollen joints or muscles -- whether the pains are due to inflammation (arthritis or rheumatism) or injury.

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