Jackson’s Mineral Salt Bundle for Optimal Digestion - Certified Vegan, Lactose Free Cell Salt #9, #10, #11


Jackson's Mineral Salts

Together the Natrum (aka the Sodiums) cell salts work together to maintain the water balance in the body: within the cells and around the cells. They also work together to support the digestive tract from top to bottom. This bundle includes one bottle (500 pellets) of each Sodium cell salt: #9 Sodium chloride (Nat mur 6x), #10 Sodium phosphate (Nat phos 6x), #11 Sodium sulfate (Nat sulph 6x).

Take separately for a range of different minor (but annoying) digestive complaints like indigestion, heartburn, hard stool, bloating, gas, and more. Or take together for a complete top to bottom digestive mineral support.

At Jackson's our cell salts are always lactose free with vegan preparation to HPUS standards.