About us

Jackson's Naturals—Expert Formulas, Vegan Homeopathics Made Better

Our mission is to provide Canadians with natural health products that are safe, effective and made to the highest industry standard with the purest quality ingredients.

Jackson's Naturals was started by Christy Zettl, an experienced classical homeopath in Vancouver who wants to help people maintain their health with clean homeopathic products and effective expert formulations. She was tired of seeing so many unneccessary and potentially harmful ingredients in homeopathic products and decided to give Canadians a better option.

Homeopathy is a very specific and targeted natural medicine and it is crucial that a combination product to contain the minimum amount of complementary remedies to achieve the desired effect. More is not better in homeopathy.

Believe it or not, lactose is in every homeopathic remedy pellet available in Canada (except in products supplied by us). It is a very old-fashioned and cheap filler ingredient that is not necessary any longer.

Jackson's Naturals is the exclusive Canadian Importer of:

  • Helios Homeopathy Canada (UK): A world renowned homeopathic pharmacy based in England with award winning combinations and best selling remedy kits.
  • Miranda Castro's Healing (USA) products: Miranda Castro is one of the most well known homeopaths in the world and she has used her vast experience to create gentle, natural, healing products that actually work.

Christy's 'Why' for Jackson's Naturals

'I started Jackson’s Naturals in 2016 to help more people maintain their health and hopefully prevent the onset and severity of many of the chronic conditions I see in my practice today. In the last 15 years, I have seen numerous clients reduce and prevent the need of stronger medications by trying homeopathy first. There is usually a window of time where you can try something natural and safe like homeopathy and this approach ensures conventional medication will still work when we need it to. 

Homeopathy is the most common form of complementary medicine in Europe and integrated into many EU country’s medical systems. By applying the classical homeopathic principles I learned from my degree training in London, England to the most common complaints I see in my practice, I hope to provide products that really do help maintain and keep your health for longer.'

-Christy Zettl BSc (Hons) Homeopathy RSHom (UK)


Jackson's Naturals is a division of Zettl Health Inc.