What the beet? Top five reasons to use beet sucrose for compounding tissue cell salts

What the beet? Top five reasons to use beet sucrose for compounding tissue cell salts

Christy ZettlMar 23, '23

One of the most popular questions we get is why we use beet sucrose to compound our cell salts. Traditional Schuessler style cell (aka tissue) salts are microdoses of twelve common minerals found in your body. Its basis is in homeopathy as Dr. Schuessler was a homeopathic doctor himself before developing his biochemical theory that cell salts are used within.

Cell salts are microdoses (usually in a 6X homeopathic potency) so they must be compounded with something to make the finished product. Traditionally compounding has been done with lactose sugar because it was readily available. We choose organic beet sucrose for many reasons.

Here are our Top Five Reasons for using it to compound Jackson's 12 in 1 and Jackson's #1 - 12 Cell Salts:

  1. VEGAN - did you know cane sugar is not generally vegan? Bone char is used during the processing of it to give it, its uniform white colour. Beet sucrose is 100% vegan and does not use or contain any animal products. Lactose of course is milk sugar.
  2. ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE FORM OF SUGAR - did you know apart from coconut sugar, beet sucrose is the most environmentally 'friendly' kind of sugar. Sugar beets are always grown in rotation with other crops and its production produces far less CO2 than cane sugar production. It also requires less water and land space to grow.
  3. GOOD FOR SENSITIVE/ALLERGIC CONSTITUTIONS - many people have allergies to lactose, even the small amounts found in other cell salts. It was important when we created the Jackson's line to make a product that most people can take. Beet sucrose fits the bills.
  4. SHELF STABLE - cell salts will keep easily for 5-10 years when stored correctly (lid closed tight, out of direct sunlight and long exposure to heat) and especially when in amber glass bottles like the Jackson's line. Pellet form is much more robust against microbiological contamination (when compared to liquid formats).
  5. TRACEABLE INGREDIENT - Jackson's Cell Salts are compounded with beet sucrose made from organic sugar beets grown in Europe. We don't use fillers and additives like magnesium stearate, guar gum, acacia gum, gluten, or lactose.

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