Helios Essential 18 Remedy Kit With Free Remedy Booklet


Helios Homeopathy Canada

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Travel sized and economical: Save over 50% in cost when you buy a homeopathic remedy kit than if each remedy was purchased separately.

The remedy booklet was written by a leading Canadian classical homeopath and contains guidance on safely treating a wide variety of common complaints with homeopathic remedies. Reduce your use of OTC medication naturally and without side effects.

Helios Essential 18 Remedy kit contains eighteen commonly used homeopathic remedies in a compact and easy to carry case. This collection of remedies in the 30c potency was specially selected to be a complete general introduction to using homeopathy in the home and while traveling.

The wide range of remedies cover a significant proportion of minor ailments and first aid situations making it ideal for newcomers as well as the more experienced user of homeopathy.

Pure ingredients prepared to the highest standards

  • Manufactured according to leading European standards (HAB and PhEur pharmacopeias)
  • Remedy pillules are lactose-free and made from non-GMO cane sugar
  • Gluten and Soy Free
  • Single source remedies
  • Safe for all ages
  • Economical: For half the price, each vial contain 2.5 times more doses than the standard plastic tube.

Contents of Helios Essential 18 Remedies

18 glass vials containing 35 doses each of:
Aconitum 30c DIN-HM 80074670
Apis mellifica 30c DIN-HM 80074914
Arnica 30c DIN-HM 80074915
Arsenicum album 30c DIN-HM 80074940
Belladonna 30c DIN-HM 80074917
Bellis perennis 30c DIN-HM 80074918
Bryonia 30c DIN-HM 80074920
Calendula 30c DIN-HM 80074921
Cantharis 30c DIN-HM 80074922
Gelsemium 30c DIN-HM 80074923
Hypericum 30c DIN-HM 80074924
Ignatia 30c DIN-HM 80074928
Ledum 30c DIN-HM 80074931
Nux vomica 30c DIN-HM 80074933
Pulsatilla 30c DIN-HM 80074934
Rhus toxicodendron 30c DIN-HM 80074935
Ruta 30c DIN-HM 80074937
Silicea 30c DIN-HM 80074943

Characteristic Symptoms book details

Format: Paperback

Author: C Zettl

Publisher: Zettl Homeopathy

Languages: English

ISBN: 978-0-9959964-0-3