Miranda Castro's Healing Cell Salt Combination for Bones, Hair, Nails, and Teeth has arrived!

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Great news, Miranda Castro's first product has arrived in Canada! Her Healing Cell Salt Homeopathic Combination for Bones, Hair, Nails, and Teeth is designed to enhance the well-being of your bones, hair, nails and teeth. Safe for all ages and stages in life (ages 2 and up).

Like Jackson's Mineral Salt line, it is made in a vegan and organic formula without the chalky aftertaste common in other cell and tissue salt products.

It is licensed by Health Canada (DIN-HM 80084802) as a homeopathic preparation for the temporary relief of:

  • pain in bones and joints
  • toothache with pain when eating or during dentition
  • falling hair
  • discomfort from ingrown and split nails

It includes the following three cell salts:

  1. Calcarea fluorica restores the elasticity and strength to weakened veins, muscles, skin, teeth, bones and joints.
  2. Calcarea phosphorica restores tone and boosts nutrition to weakened or growing bones and teeth.
  3. Silica strengthens weakened hair and nails as well as weakened or growing bones and teeth.

These salts are helpful for:

  • Babies whose teeth are slow to come in and/or where the enamel is thin.
  • Children at any age who are 'wrung out' during or after a growth spurt.
  • Growing pains in children of any age.
  • Pregnant, newly delivered or nursing mothers.
  • Before, during or after menopause to enhance bone health.
  • After a fracture (at any age) to help a broken bone to heal.
  • Those who are aging (including the elderly) with osteoporosis.

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